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About Stuntwomen Sweden

Stuntwomen Sweden was created with the purpose of uniting women with a passion for stunt work, in all its forms. This is a community with a variety of amazing women - stunt performers, aspiring stunt performers and actresses with stunt skills.

We aim to inspire you, as a community, to tell the stories that are so often left out. To let women for once be the ones who get dirty, get hurt, bleeds, make mistakes, fights, loses and wins.

Our ambition is to lift and support each other as a community. We want to continue to contribute to the Swedish stunt and film industry by always striving to be the best we can be. By collaborating and training together with each other and other skilled performers, choreographers, coordinators and producers we push to continuously raise the bar within our field. We advocate that knowledge and safety in our skills is key to a stunt performance that will blow the audience away.

Stuntwomen Sweden was founded in 2017 by stunt performer and producer Sara Larsson.


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